Thank you for choosing Champion Horses. You will find these horses are unlike any known breedable in Second Life. The Champion Horse is a serious commitment. There is no complete “How-To” manual. It's all about discovering the way the horses work, the best way to build and breed the traits and types of horses YOU want most! Just because you want to race, does not mean that someone else wouldn't sell their ranch to have the jumper you've just raised! There are no “bad” horses in Champion Horses. As the popular real life horse-world saying goes, “There are no bad horses, only bad trainers!”

Please take the time to read through this manual BEFORE birthing any horses. Champion Horses wants you to have a great experience with your horses, and understanding the different features that come with each horse will help assure that you will have a fabulous experience. Please also understand that Champion Horses are not for those looking for a "get rich quick" program. This is a long game, and entering it for the purpose of mass breeding will only disappoint you.

*** A note about the Champion Horse that is unlike any other breedable in Second Life: Champion Horses DIE! They can die without food and proper care, and they will breed and die at 180 days old. You will want to be sure your mares are not pregnant when they turn 180 days old.

*** After 24 hours without food, your horse will get sick. To fix a sick horse, you must use a Champion Vet. This is purchasable through the vendors. After 24 hours of being sick, the horse will die. Once a Champion Horse dies, there is NO WAY to revive it.

*** Champion Horse mares give live birth! Babies are not in a basket, they are not in a bundle, they are born 4 hooves on the ground and need immediate care! Your new foal will DIE without its mother!

*** Also unlike any other Second Life breedable, Champion Horses can only be named ONCE! Be sure you choose your horse's name wisely! You cannot change it, nor can a future owner! Your horse must be named prior to breeding to another.

Please go to ~!~ Champion Support Questions ~!~ chat and ask for help. Customer Service Reps are available almost 24 hours a day, and the Champion community is very helpful in answering questions. Please note, this group is not for chat, it is strictly for assistance with your horse from a CSR. If you would like the chat group, join the Champion Horses group.

EVERY TIME you rez your horse these changes take effect:
- motion is set to off
- range is set to 20m
- home point is reset to the rez location
- feed is set to its last food selection
- sound is set to on

Champion Horse foods have the following menu options:
Sub menu:
- Owner – Allows only the owner's horses to consume the food
- Group – Allows only horses with the same group setting as the feed to consume the food
- Everyone – Allows any horse within range to consume the food

*** Note: At this time, food cannot be stored in a “storage prim” because by putting the food into a prim, Second Life automatically adds a number to the end of the food name. Your horse will NOT recognize it as food if there is a number after the food name!

New foals nurse from their mothers on days 0, 1 and 2 (Note: A baby WILL die without it's mother during these first three days! Babies MUST stay within 20m of mom's home point or they will starve to death.)

Days 3, 4, 5 and 6, babies need Baby Food. This does not need to be set via menu, they will automatically start eating Baby Food on day 3. Be SURE you have this food available or they will die! (Starter horses are “born” at age 3, because they have no mother. They will need Baby Food as soon as they are rezzed!)

Day 7 – YOU must make a choice about your horse's food! However, if you do not make a choice, your horse will automatically consume hay so it does not starve to death. If you are not going to be able to log into Second Life before your horse turns 7 days old, leave out hay!

A horse that has been bred can NEVER race. Ever! If you wish to race your horse, on day 7 you should put your horse on hay and either oats or grains (depending on the trait you wish to train). If you want to breed your horse, day 7 is the day you would put him/her on alfalfa to start gaining Mojo. (More about the different types of feeds is covered later in this manual under the Food Menu options.)

Rez the Consumable you have chosen near the horse, be it the Vet, the Apples, the Love Potion, etc. Go to the horse's menu options, select the Consumable button, and then select the consumable you wish to use on your horse from the Consumable sub menu, and the horse will automatically use the consumable you have selected.

Salt is also a consumable, but the horse will automatically eat the salt once you place it near your horse, it does not need to be set in the horse's menu options. Salt is necessary for your horse to be happy - riding or wearing your horse will not make it happy! Without salt, your horse's happiness may drop to 0 - impairing its ability to mate.

Each horse contains two menus.

The Public menu will show the horse's stats and parents to the person who clicked the horse. This does not show in the local chat menu for everyone present, only the person who touches the horse can see it.

The Owners menu will allow the owner to access all functions of the horse. When you click the horse, you will get a menu which states your horse's name, version, the food they are currently set to eat as well as their current range setting.

On the Public Menu, you will see the following Buttons:

● STATS – This button will show the following information in local chat (only for the person who touched the horse)
- Horse's Name
- Version Number
- Bloodlines (% of which breeds the horse is)
- Shape
- Coat
- Mane
- Eyes
- Sex
- Trait (on horses over 7 days old)

● PARENTS – This button will give you the Mother's and Father's information of the horse. This will only show in local chat for the person who touched the horse.

On the Owners Menu, you will see the following Buttons:

● MODE – This button is only used for horses which are being trained. A horse which you want to train should be on oats or grain for a minimum of 12 hours before attempting to train.

- Idle means STOP. Just as you would not get out of a moving vehicle, you should never get off your training horse without putting your horse in Idle. WARNING: Not putting your horse in Idle may cause your horse to lose its training stats.
- Train. You will put your horse in Train mode when you wish to train it. First mount your horse, then click Train. You will see a series of numbers like this: 0/50. That is the basic training stat. As you ride your horse, the numbers will increase, and the colors of the text will change. (They will also disappear from time to time. Just continue to ride, they will reappear.) As the text approaches deep red then purple, and the horse tells you that it has reached Maximum Value, it is done being trained and can stay at that value until it is time to Race. DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK IDLE BEFORE DISMOUNTING YOUR HORSE!
- Race. You will put your horse in Race mode when you are running a race. Most races will exhaust the horse's trained stats, and the horse will need to be trained again before the next race.

● CARETAKER – Click this button to allow another person to ride your horse, or to feed it YOUR consumables or food. The horse still belongs to you, so all food/consumables need to belong to you as well. In open chat, you will be asked for the UUID of the
person you wish to make the horses caretaker. You can get this from their profile if you use the Phoenix viewer, or ask a CSR for a Avatar Key Finder.

● WEB – This will direct you to the Champion Horse web site -

● MOTION – Click this button to set the movement of your horse
Sub menu:
- On – turns on the movement of your horse
- Off – turns off the movement of your horse
- Back – takes you back to the main menu
- Ignore – will close the menu

Sub menu:
- Breed – Clicking this button turns the breeding on. You cannot breed until you turn this on. (Note: Starter horses will have this on by default, they are only breeding horses.) This CANNOT be undone! If you click this button and set your horse to breed, the hover text will turn yellow, and the button will disappear. Yellow hover text disqualifies a horse from racing!
- Coupling – Even if breeding is turned on, your horse will not mate until you tell it who it should breed with! Choose a horse to breed with. Type the name of the horse in open chat (local) you want to have mate with. You will receive a confirmation message in local chat that the horses are coupled. If you are coupling with another owner's horse, that owner will have to confirm the mating. Your horses must be within range of each other.
- Uncouple - Removes the bond between the two horses you have already coupled together. After a mating, this bond automatically breaks.
- Back – takes you back to the main menu
- Ignore – will close the window

● PARENTS – This button will give you the parentage of your horse in local chat. Both Mother's full Stats information and Father's full Stats information will be listed for only the owner to see.

● FEED – This button allows you to set the type of food your horse will eat.
Sub menu:
- Oats – Feed oats if you wish to train your horse's endurance or sprinting traits. This MUST be fed with Hay as well!
- Grain – Feed grain if you wish to train your horse's trotting or jumping traits. This MUST be fed with Hay as well!
- Hay – Hay strictly keeps your horse from starving to death. Hay is your basic feed for horses 7 days and older. If you feed either Oats or Grain, you MUST have hay out at all times! Your horse will eat this by default starting day 7, it does not need to be set unless you are switching from Alfalfa to Hay.
- Alfalfa – Feed this to your horse if you wish to breed. The Alfalfa increases Mojo, which is your horse's ability to breed! If you have a broodmare, she will stay on Alfalfa her entire life, unless you wish to retire her from breeding, at which point you can put her on Hay.
- Back – takes you back to the main menu
- Ignore – will close the menu

Sub Menu:
- Steroids – gives a 10% boost to your horse's Trait status (cannot go over the horse's built in potential – should be used for example, if you didn't have time to train before a race and need to boost a trait without training) Can be used once every 24 hours.
- Apple – gives a 10% boost to your horse's Happiness (stacks with Sugar & Carrots) Can be used once every 24 hours.
- Vet – Use only when a horse has become sick, the vet will heal your horse and decrease it's hunger by 10%
- Love Potion – boosts your horse's Mojo 10% but can only be used ONCE per breeding cycle (every 72 hours)
- Sugar – gives a 10% boost to your horse's Happiness (stacks with Apples & Carrots) Can be used once every 24 hours.
- Carrot – gives a 10% boost to your horse's Happiness (stacks with Apples & Sugar) Can be used once every 24 hours.
- Back – takes you back to the main menu
- Ignore – will close the menu

● HELP – Click this button to receive a copy of this manual in English, at anytime.

Sub Menu:
- Go Home – will make the horse return to it's home point
- Set Range – set the range of your horse, this affects feeding, movement, etc.
- Set Name – name your horse – YOU CAN ONLY NAME A CHAMPION HORSE ONE TIME! You cannot change it. If you typo, you are stuck with it! If you sell your horse, the new owner cannot change the horse's name. This is a permanent name! This button will disappear once you have named the horse.
- Text – will turn on or off the hover text on your horse
- Sound – turns on or off the sounds your horse makes
- Set Home – sets the horse's current location as their home point
- Back – takes you back to the main menu
- Ignore – will close the menu

● STATS – Will show the same stats as shown on the Public menu.

In order to breed your horse, the following criteria need to be met:

- The horse's Breed button must have been selected in their menu. Starter horses are already defaulted to breeding. Starter horses cannot race, only breed.
- The horse must have eaten Alfalfa (there is no time period it must eat the alfalfa prior to being able to breed)
- The horse must have 75% happiness.
- The horse must have 25% or lower hunger.
- The horse must have 100% Mojo. Beginning at day 7, horses will gain mojo. Males gain at twice the rate of females. Females gain 100% mojo in just under 3 days as long as her happiness is over 75%.

Please be aware that just as stillborns happen in real life, they happen with Champion horses as well.

When the baby reaches 7 days old, you will see their potential traits and you will be able to train them and unlock the amazing skills it may have.

Typically speaking:
- Thoroughbreds will most likely have the endurance trait
- Arabians will most likely have the endurance trait
- Quarter Horses will most likely have the speed trait
- American Saddlebreds will most likely have the jump trait
- Dutch Warmbloods will most likely have the jump trait
- Appaloosas will most likely have the speed trait
- Morgans will most likely have the jump trait

A horse's racing career is only 75 days long. At day 15 they can enter their first race. They will not be permitted to race after day 90. After their racing career has ended, they may be bred. Horses who have won races will bring higher breeding fees!

In competition, generally speaking, American Saddlebreds and Dutch Warmbloods will compete against each other. Quarter Horses and Appaloosas will compete against each other. Arabians will race against other Arabians and Thoroughbreds will race against other Thoroughbreds.

How to enter a race:

You MUST be Champion Certified to be a jockey, either for yourself or anyone else. Contact a Staff Member for the most up-to-date training information.

You may train your OWN horse without certification from Champion Horses, but in order to train someone else's horses, you MUST be Champion Certified! Contact a Staff Member for the most up-to-date information.

All Auction Houses and Auctioneers must be approved. You may NOT auction a Champion Horse at any auction, it MUST be auctioned at a Champion Horses Auction!

You may sell your horse directly however you wish. Lists of the Auction houses "sold" prices will be published weekly in the Champion Horses Magazine to give you a more clear idea of what your horse is "worth" at fair market price. There is an advertising group (@The Tack Shop- Champion Horse Ads@) established by Champion Horses in which you may sell your horse. The current bottom price you may sell at through this group is 1500L. What you choose to sell for your on own/rented land is up to you, however, you may not advertise a horse for less than 1500L through the approved Champion advertising group.